A comment for reflection –The Living Flame of Love

I am currently studying once again the Living Flame of Love and came across this comment by E. Allison Peers in his wonderful commentary on the Living Flame. I thought I would like to share it with you.

“Yet it must be agreed that in the Living Flame of Love–the shortest of his four great treatises–St. John of the Cross takes us still farther into the mysteries of which he is so rare an exponent and presents us with a work, less tenderly appealing, no doubt, than the Spiritual Canticle, but written with greater eloquence and ardour, impetuosity and lyrical fervor, telling of a love more completely refined and of a soul nearer than ever to God.”

Let’s remember that the Living Flame is not developmental like John’s other works but rather describes four facets of spiritual matrimony. John says that the four stanzas of the Living Flame “treat of a love within this very state of transformation that has a deeper quality and is more perfect.” E. Allison Peers reminds us just how well John did this.